The Potato Bus


On the 4th and 5th November the Potato bus visited our school. Year 3 and 4 pupils were able to spend an hour on the bus learning all about a potatoes journey from seed to our plates. 

The company has converted a double decker bus into a fully functioning mobile classroom where children can find out all about potatoes and their fascinating journey from farm to fork.

The vehicle  hosts a variety of activities, where children can gain hands-on experience and learn how potatoes are planted, grown and stored as well as weighing and sorting potatoes for themselves. Nutrition and eating also plays an important part in the activities, which are tailored to fit with the Key Stage One and Two frameworks.

James Truscott, Sales and Marketing Director at Branston, commented:

“We’re keen to get the message out there about how great potatoes are and how they’re really key for a healthy balanced diet. The Eat Happy Project is a fantastic opportunity for us to work with Tesco to educate the next generation of consumers and give them a better understanding of where their food comes from.”

Aayan - "It was fun because we got to dig up the stones before we planted the potatoes in the soil"

Inayah - "I like how our group got to feel how smooth the potatoes were and I enjoyed finding out what was a good or bad potato"


Tanvir - It was really fun, I liked it when we watched a video that told us about how potatoes grow and how they get sold. After that we got to plant our potatoes. First, we took out all the stones, Next we made some ridges using our hands as spades to push the soil. Then we put the potato seeds in the soil. Later we learnt how to measure the potatoes using a sizing square. Then we used a scale to measure the weight of the potatoes.

Imaan - I loved the potato bus. It has amazing activities on, we were in groups called forks, knives and spoons. My favourite part was when we used the sieve to get rid of all the stones in the soil so we could plant our seed.