Heald Place Primary School

Class 4M Warburton’s bread workshop.


Lisa from Warburtons came to teach the children about a healthy and balanced diet.

She started off with a history on the Warburton’s factory. She then discussed different jobs and responsibilities at Warbutons.

She moved onto the many task of making rainbow sandwiches. She first discussed health and safety with the children, they took off their jumpers and they rolled up their sleeves. They had to wear hair nets and an apron, which they all loved. They then washed their hands.

Lisa explained that a rainbow sandwich was a sandwich made up of the 5 a day, lots of different coloured fruits and vegetables. The children could choose from 3 different coloured peppers, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, carrots, 2 different types of olive and sweetcorn. There were also 3 different cheeses, tuna and humus. The children really enjoyed this task; there was plenty of discussion on taste and texture. Some sandwiches were gigantic.