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Heald Place Primary School

ECO Specialism


At Heald Place, we have a specialist ECO teacher who works with classes across the school on a variety of exciting projects. 

Green Flag Award

We have been awarded a number of recognised ECO awards, such as the Green Flag Award, and are working towards more! The flag is now hanging proudly in the downstairs hall.

green flag

Our feedback when we achieved Green Flag status was very positive and the eco work going on in our school was highly praised. This is the comment we received from our assessor.

'Well done Heald Place Primary School! Everything was a delight and a joy to see. The pupils positive energy, big smiles and bubbling enthusiasm (I felt like a superstar they were so excited to meet me and tell me about it all) were contagious and I am still on a happy high following my visit (and as a result monitoring and tightening my own Eco actions!). The parental involvement, the covering of all Eco-Schools areas and the school's evident love and compassion of our world were heartwarming and inspiring.'


ECO Action Plan

We have an ECO Action Plan created by the School Council and The Eco Committee, who evaluated our School on all 9 ECO topics. The main targets are to:

    • Make sure all taps are turned off to save water.
    • Run a water saving campaign.
    • Make children more aware of recycling.
    • Encourage children to walk or ride their bikes to school.
    • Make sure that all lights and computers are turned off to save energy.
    • Make sure all windows are closed to ensure that our energy is not being lost.
    • Make sure our school has a litter policy.

ECO Code 

This is our ECO Code written by KS2 pupils.

Helping the World is important,

End all global warming issues,

Animals must be protected!

Litter should always be thrown in the bin.

Do keep our school neat and tidy.


Polluting is very bad for the environment, remember to reduce, reuse and recycle,

Lights must be turned off when not in use!

Always switch off the computer when not in use!

Come on help us save our Planet!

Every child at our school learn and use our Eco Code!


Energy Enforcers

Children have been elected as 'Energy Enforcers' with a remit to conduct weekly spot checks in classrooms to ensure that lights and electrical appliances are being switched off when not in use. The Energy Enforcers have decided that:

  • Classes earn 25 points if all the lights are off and 12 points if just half the lights are off.
  • Classes earn 25 points if the all the computers are off/in standby and 12 points if half the class computers are off/in   standby.
  • Classes earn 25 points if all the windows are closed and energy is not being lost through open windows.

Here are the Energy Enforcers

Year 1

Youssef, Alayna

Year 2
Saul, Mortadha, Mujtaba, Aiman, Felicia, Adbul-Rahim
Year 3
Ahmed, Nadia, Uzair, Mohamed, Dooa, Ashvik, 
Year 4
Adnan, Awais, Hamza, Imaan, Husnain, Rian
Year 5
Miron, Intisar, Mohammed, Amran, Ali, Zanear
Year 6
Ali, Zahra, Bilal, Abeeha, Abeeha, Aman, Noorah

The Energy Enforcers have also been checking to see if the listening stations have been switched off!

The class earning the most points at inspection is awarded a certificate and gets to keep the Energy Enforcers class trophy for the week!

Our Energy Enforcers have also come up with some 'Top Energy Saving Tips' for parents and carers! These are:

  • Turn off all lights when not in the room
  • Close windows and doors to keep energy inside
  • Turn off all electrical items when not in use
  • Don't leave taps running!
  • Recycle all glass and plastic bottles
  • Recycle all paper and cardboard

Click here to view the Energy Enforcers checklist for school.

Litter Policy

Children at Heald Place have come up with their own litter policy and would like everybody to join them in following the actions below to help make our school and the local area a cleaner and tidier place.

  •  At Heald Place we do not drop litter.
  • At Heald Place we do not throw litter into bushes or onto flower beds.
  • At Heald Place, if we see litter on the floor, we pick it up and put it in the bin.
  • At Heald Place we always put our litter in the bin.
  • At Heald Place we know that if we cannot find a bin, then we always place our rubbish in our pockets until we find one.
  • At Heald Place we keep the environment tidy.

 We have a Paper Recycling System in school. A large Enterprise recycler can be found in the bin area outside.