Statement of Intent for the Computing Curriculum

The Computing curriculum follows the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2 and Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Technology). The computing curriculum is taught in a logical sequence where pupils' knowledge, skills and vocabulary are built upon year on year, ensuring progression from Nursery, towards EYFS, KS1 and KS2 end points.

Pupils from all year groups build upon their knowledge and skills in different areas of Computing, including programming, storing, retrieving and sending information, evaluating digital content, andusing technology in a way that is safe and respectful of others. Prior learning is revisited to ensure pupils' understanding is retained and becomes embedded in pupils' long-term memory.

The Computing curriculum allows pupils to gain key knowledge and skills in the three main areas of the Computing curriculum: computer science (programming and understanding how digital systems work), information technology (using computer systems to store, retrieve and send information) and digital literacy (evaluating digital content and using technology safely and respectfully).

The Computing curriculum prepares learners for their future by giving them opportunities to gain knowledge and develop skills that will equip them for an ever changing digital world. This is reflected in the way we teach computing, in discrete lessons, and also purposefully woven into all other curriculum areas, particularly Mathematics, Science, Design and Technology and English. Resources are adapted, when necessary, to ensure SEND and disadvantaged pupils can access all aspects of the same curriculum. 'Computational thinking,' is a skill pupils must be taught if they are to be able to participate effectively and safely in this digital world. By teaching this skill, pupils experience technology as an integral part of many different aspects of daily life, which ensure they are prepared for further education and the world beyond school. Lessons include opportunities for age appropriate reading, for example, through research, review news articles and being able to distinguish between 'fake' and 'real' news.


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