Statement of intent for the Geography curriculum

The National Curriculum provides the structure and skill development for the Geography curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2 and Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage (The world). The Geography curriculum has been built alongside the history and Science curriculum to ensure that relevant links are made for pupils in their learning. The Geography curriculum has been designed with the support and guidance of a History/Geography Consultant, from the Historical Association and Geographical Association, whilst making the curriculum relevant to the context of the pupils. History and Geography are taught discretely, however the purpose of the curriculum design is to ensure clear and valid connections are explicitly made between History and Geography. It is made clear to the pupils which curriculum subject they are focusing on and the subject specific skills and knowledge they are
learning. Prior learning is revisited to ensure pupils' understanding is retained and becomes embedded in their long-term memory.

From Early Years Foundation Stage, children start to focus on their immediate environment the classroom, to around the school, extending their field work to the local area, then beyond. Every year group is provided with the opportunity to study their local area and complete fieldwork. This is then used to assist pupils' understanding of other places as they make comparisons with their local area. There is a clear progression within each year group where pupils' knowledge, skills and vocabulary are built upon year on year, ensuring progression towards EYFS, KS1 and KS2 end points. To address any gaps in knowledge, there is broader curriculum coverage and recapping of prior knowledge. Resources are adapted, when necessary, to ensure SEND and disadvantaged pupils can access all aspects of the same curriculum.

All year groups are exposed to a variety of maps, for example, through the use of Digimap pupils are provided with real life experiences, such as the trip to Crowdon to learn about rivers. Skills vs knowledge are made clear on the plan. Lessons include opportunities for age appropriate reading, for example, through research of geographical sources and current news articles and high quality reference material in our school library.


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