Statement of intent for the Mathematics curriculum

The National Curriculum provides the structure and skill development for the Mathematics curriculum taught in Key Stages 1 and 2 and Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Numbers; Shape, space and measure). We ensure that all mathematical concepts are built upon and developed through a personalised structured programme based on Maths-No Problem! and mastery materials (White Rose, NCETM and Testbase). Year groups have identified the missing National Curriculum objectives within Maths-No Problem! and have planned a high quality Mathematics curriculum that is engaging, challenging and enjoyable. Where appropriate pupils are required to apply their knowledge to science and other curriculum subjects.

Concrete manipulatives are fundamental to the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach used to teach Mathematics. Pupils are taught new Maths concepts through the use of concrete resources. Then pictorial representations are developed, before the use of abstract symbols are introduced. This hands-on approach, building upon concrete skills and knowledge, through strong foundations in understanding, ensures pupils make connections to master concepts. Resources are adapted, when necessary, to ensure SEND and disadvantaged pupils can access all aspects of the same curriculum.

The Mathematics curriculum is taught in a logical sequence where pupils' knowledge, skills and vocabulary are built upon year on year, as well as having opportunities to reflect on their learning through regular journaling. Pupils are provided with a variety of Mathematical opportunities, which will enable them to make the connections in learning needed to enjoy greater depth in understanding and application in different contexts. Addressing pupils' vocabulary deficit is a priority and by focussing on explanation and reasoning, enables all pupils, including the disadvantaged, to communicate effectively. Furthermore, we ensure pupils are confident mathematicians, who are not afraid to take risks, through skilful questioning and opportunities for exploration.

Pupils leave school as independent learners with inquisitive minds, who have secure mathematical foundations and an interest in self-improvement, which they can apply in the real world.


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