Meet our staff

Every single member of staff at Heald Place play a pivotal role in the education of your children. They are passionate not only about their academic achievements but also about their wellbeing. Providing outstanding teaching, leadership and pastoral care in a safe and happy learning environment.

Relationships between staff and pupils are warm and positive. Ofsted

Our School Leadership Team

Hatim Kapacee Head Teacher
Hatim Kapacee WEB.jpg

Hatim began his headship of Heald Place in January 2010 having previously worked at schools in Openshaw, Clayton, Burnage, Collyhurst, Crumpsall, Blackely and Cheetham Hill. The transformation of the school in the last ten years has been an incredible journey. ‘Reaching for the stars’ and high expectations for everyone at the school is Hatim’s continual aspiration.

It always seems impossible until it’s done. Nelson Mandela



Anne Zaidi Deputy Head Teacher

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Anne Joined Heald Place as Deputy Headteacher in 2010. She became an Advanced Skills Teacher in 2004 and through weekly outreach, developed Manchester teachers and supported leaders with school improvement. Anne remains passionate about improving teaching and building leadership capacity.

It is a privilege working with the amazing children and fantastic staff that make up the Heald Place family.



Nikki Sellers Designated Safeguarding Lead

Nikki Sellars master WEB.jpg

Nikki joined Heald Place in 2006 having previously worked within Children’s Services Homeless Families Team, Behaviour Improvement Programme (BIP) and Manchester Royal Infirmary. She is passionate about working with children and their families and her aim is always to support the community to be successful, confident and engender trust in the school so that families know that the team is there when they need support.

Working with complex needs can be challenging at times - but it is definitely the most rewarding!



Julia Crossley Assistant Headteacher (Based in Early Year Foundation Stage)
Julia Crossley WEB.jpg

Julia joined the senior leadership team in 2013 having previously worked at schools in Sale and Openshaw as well as an international school in Italy. She is passionate that children learn best through play and first-hand experiences and she supports the Foundation Stage team in providing our children with a strong start to their educational career at Heald Place.

There is nothing better than seeing children enjoying their learning, whether that be indoors or outdoors.



Tom Denton  Assistant Headteacher (Lower School)
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Tom has taught at Heald Place Primary since 2009 and joined the senior leadership team 5 years ago. Tom has taught in both KS1 and KS2 and has led core areas of the curriculum. Along with managing Teaching Assistants and heading Lower School he has recently taken over the role of Inclusion Lead having gained the National Award for Special Educational Needs Co-ordination.

All children take a different journey in their Education and I hope my guidance enables them to choose the right path in achieving their goals.



Shabana Esa Assistant Headteacher      (Based in Upper School)
Shabana EsaWEB.jpg

Shabana joined Heald Place in September 2004. She has been the Assistant Headteacher for 10 years.

She is passionate that every child should be a confident learner no matter what their background or ability. She believes in inspiring life-long learning with a lasting love of learning and a sense of curiosity in the world around them.

One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world. Malala Yousafzai



Alison Jackson Teaching and Learning Support Lead
Alison Jackson WEB.jpg

Alison has been working at Heald Place for 8 years. Previously, she worked for a private nursery where she found she had a passion for teaching children. She is dedicated to the high-quality delivery of reading and phonics.

I find it incredibly rewarding when the pupils achieve their goals.



Nicola Evans School Business ManagerNikki FINAL WEB copy.jpg

Nicola has 15 years of experience in educational finance. She joined the senior leadership team at Heald Place 3 years ago having previously worked at One Education as a School Budget Officer. Nicola is passionate about providing a quality, safe and enriching learning environment to meet the needs and aspirations of the pupils and all stakeholders including the governors.

Seeing children thriving inspires me every day.


Our Teaching Staff


Class Teacher

Teacher & Learning Support



Rebecca Marshall
Amy Ratcliffe

Danielle Ball
Ambreen Shafiq
Sacdiya Ibrahim
Shani Kaur



Katie Neil
Michelle Quinn
Leigh Muldoon

Anne Moorhouse
Clare Molloy
Hosneara Begum

Year 1


Stephanie Woodworth
Joanne Fewtrell
Mia McGrath

Nicola Williams
Alison Farrell
Meisha Brown

Year 2


Charlotte Simpson
Anna McDonald
Niamh Marshall

Sadia Siddiqi
Mehwish Karim
Caroline Flannery

Year 3


Jessica Heap
Ben Simpson
Katie Rogerson

Nazish Mohammed
Zanib Hourston
Jabeen Iqbal
Tasleem Ahmad

Year 4


Eleanor Reynolds
Sakeena Baden
Eleanor FitzGibbon

Bethany Slater
Yassar Raja
Nathan Hardy

Year 5


Lucy Barter
Simon France
Florence Carter

Houria Ghidaoui
Nassyma Derradji
Michael FitzGibbon

Year 6


Andrew Cunliffe
Amy Holbrook
Nina Carey

Laura Roberts
Liz O’Connell
Alison Jackson

Leadership Support

Julia Crossley  Tom Denton  Shabana Esa

Targeted Teaching & Learning Support

Clecia Burton  Samaya Keane  Jamie Newman  James Rogers  Kate Puttick 

Mitra Khorrami  Jean Shawcross  Zanib Hourston  Alison Jackson 

Pastoral Support

Lucette Henderson  Ellen Fitzgerald  Beacon Councelling

School Office Staff

Nicola Evans   Suzanne Murgatroyd   Leanne Allen   Ashlea Wilks   Samaya Keane   Marie Still

Central Providers

Lucette Henderson  Jo Buckler  Andy Coxhill  Samaya Keane  Julie Crossley  Tome Denton  Shabana Esa


Heald Place Primary School

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Heald Place is a very successful primary school situated roughly 2 miles from the centre of Manchester. It serves a rich and diverse community. At its heart are vibrant local businesses with the universities, Manchester Museum, and the Whitworth Art Gallery all within walking distance of the school.

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