Heald Place Primary School

Letter to parents from Manchester City Council



Wednesday 15th July 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

You will be aware that Government guidance published 2nd July 2020 confirmed that from
September all children and young people should return to school or college and that after the
summer holidays attendance at school will be compulsory. We wanted to write to parents/carers
to provide some further information about the arrangements for the safe return to school of all
children in Manchester.

First of all, we would like to thank you all for all your hard work and efforts to home educate your
children during this period. This has been no mean feat and one that we should all be proud of
over the past few months. We know this has been a challenging and worrying time. However, we
are sure that you all agree that it is now important we support the return of our children to school,
to enable them to continue their learning in classrooms with their peers and teachers and also to
provide them with the chance to see their friends again.

Our schools in Manchester are looking forward to welcoming back all of their pupils and are fully
committed to ensuring that children return to their school in a well-managed and safe
environment - with appropriate support in place where needed so that they don’t suffer the
long-term effects of not being in school.

Like all schools in Manchester, your child’s school is now busy working through the Government's
guidance, developing plans and preparing for all children to return. This includes developing a
thorough risk assessment which outlines all of the steps that the school will be taking to reduce
the risks of infection including what school staff will do if a child or adult develops symptoms of
COVID19. As a result of the extra measures schools will be taking, your child’s school will be a bit
different in September and will have some new rules and routines in place which will be shared
with you. It is extremely important that you understand what these are and support them in
whatever way you can. These may include for example staggered start and finish times, new
arrangements for dropping off children, different rules for school visitors, additional hygiene
practices and new lunchtime and break routines.

Although your child may not have attended school since March, the majority of our schools in
Manchester have remained open during this time including during school holidays for specific
groups of children and then since 1st June 2020 for year groups determined by the Government.

In order, to ensure that all staff fully understand the school’s risk assessment and have adequate
time to properly put the arrangements in place, all of our schools have been allocated 2 additional
staff training days on 1st and 2nd September 2020. Schools may therefore be closed to all pupils
on these days.

Schools may also wish to provide a phased return for different year groups to allow those pupils
who are transitioning to the school and those who have not attended since March to have an
opportunity to meet their teachers and learn about the new school arrangements. However, it is
expected that all children in the City will return to school during the week beginning 7th
September 2020. It is important to be aware that from the date your child's school welcomes all
of its pupils back, it is expected and compulsory that they attend regularly. Your school will
confirm with you what the specific arrangements are for your child’s class.

Please find attached a set of frequently asked questions which will provide more information on
the measures that schools will be taking to provide a well managed and safe environment for
their pupils when they return in September. If you have any questions or worries, please do
contact your school so that they can talk it through with you.

There is also information available on the Government Website for parents/carers about what
changes and measures to expect in schools in September:

Finally we would wish your child every success in their forthcoming academic year and trust you
will be reassured by the arrangements being put in place and that welfare and a safe learning
environment remains a priority for us all.

With very best wishes

Paul Marshall
Strategic Director of Children and Education Services

Amanda Corcoran
Director of Education